Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 things to look forward to in the Fall...

It's that time of the year again. End of August. Where yesterday feels like June, July seems like a blur, and September starts a new semester at school. Well, for most people. Unlike most of my peers I will not be heading to school this fall semester. I'll be going back in the spring and for the first time in 15 years I will not be a student come September. Although a break will be nice, it's still going to be quite empty. I thought of things that I could do to fill this void and to make me excited for the fall.

10. The Foliage

Yeah, I said it. Call me what you want, but is there anything more beautiful to look at than Eva Longoria? Well if there's anything close, then it's gotta be the foliage. The leaves fall and turn your lawn into a giant bowl of Reese's pieces. Then you go and rake them up and jump into the pile of leaves and have sticks poking you from every direction. Just some good old fashioned fun courtesy of mother nature herself. In all seriousness though, I really do love when this shit starts going down. Sometimes it reminds of the those things in the Comic section of the newspaper that when you start at it really close you see a picture. That's probably just me though cause that actually just sounds completely idiotic reading that back to myself. Why am I still talking about foliage? 

9. Sweatshirts and sweat pants make a comeback...
My favorite attire. Nothing better than when the weather starts to get that crisp chill in the air, and you break out your first sweats outfit. It's still too early to turn the heat on in the house, but cold enough to lounge around in a zip-up sweatshirt and you're favorite pair of Starter sweatpants. Yerp, I know I love it. 

8. Family Time

Summer time my life is always go, go, goooo that it seems like I'm never around my family. In and out of the house, crashing places when the night gets to wild. My house almost seems like a hotel that I check into once and a while. The fall gives me a chance to redeem myself though. Between Sundays being with my family all day for football, weeknights with nobody around and just chillin at home, and holidays. It's a nice change of pace and sets you up quite nicely to rage again come winter break. 

7. Visiting Friends at School

I know what you're thinking. "Doesn't this completely contradict #8?" Well, you're probably right. If you notice in #8 I didn't mention anything about Friday and Saturday. I mean, come on, gotta have some sort of recklessness going down in the fall. Nothing better than spontaneous trips to Uconn which happened twice last fall. Or house parties on the beach in Naragansett. A kegger here and there at JWU. You know, the other reason people go away to college. 

6. New Music

I'll give it to Summer 2011. It was a pretty ridiculous summer for hip hop. August has been quite insane in itself with the release of "Watch the Throne", "R.E.D. Album" and Wale's mixtape "11 one 11." The fall is shaping up to be quite the season to be jolly for music also though. With albums from Mary J and Young Jeezy on September 20th, J. Cole on September 27th, and Drake on October 4th. That's gonna be a SOLID 2-3 weeks of new music. Hopefully somehow, someway Kanye resurrects the G.O.O.D. Fridays. 

5. Halloween

Oh, Halloween. Where people tap into their inner creativity, imagination, and most importantly their inner slut. Where "Halloweekend" starts on Thursday and if Halloween happens to fall on a Tuesday, then that is where the weekend ends. Also, I must mention, it is highly frowned upon for a female costume to not have some sort of low-cutness or short skirt type ordeal going on. That's just messing with the festivities. Party poopers. 

4. Thanksgiving

Probably my favorite holiday of the year. Spending all day with my family and the unbelievable food that comes along with it is pretty hard to compete with. A Portuguese Thanksgiving is hard to top. Also, being a Cowboys fan I always have the pleasure of watching them play as well. This year is going to be better in particular for football now that the Lions actually have a decent team. Then again, it's the Lions so you never know. 

3. Watch the Throne tour

This had to expected. The album lived up to my expectations and I'm sure this tour will exceed them. If you've never been to a Jay-Z show then you just simply haven't lived. This will be my 6th time seeing him and besides the cameo from Kanye at last falls show I went to in Yankee Stadium, this will be my 1st for him. Can't wait to hear how some of these songs sound in concert, which songs they'll perform individually, if they'll crack into the vault and perform "Never Let Me Down" or "Diamonds Remix." One thing is for sure, the Roc will be in the building and so will I. 

2. MLB Playoffs
I've always been a huge fan of the MLB playoffs. Mostly when the Red Sox are involved. Last year they didn't make it and honestly I thought I wasn't going to be very interested. Then I got mono. So sitting on my couch for a month led me to watch every single MLB playoff game from first pitch to the final out. I'm glad I did. I actually watched Roy Halladay's perfect game in the hospital. This year we have a Red Sox team ready to kick some ass and I'm ready to relive the domination (except for the Cleveland series) of 2007. Are we in store for another Sox-Yanks ALCS? Who's going to be the surprise team this year? Does Brian Wilson's beard turn into a blackhole and suck everyone into it? We'll have to wait and see. 

1. NFL
Where the hell would we be right now if the lockout never ended? Imagine that? No football on Sundays? That's some bullshit. Not only that, but the way the NBA lockout is going, we would have been NBA and NFLless. Luckily, everything is golden in the No Fun League even though they continue to pussify it with all these fines. Either way, its a new year, everyone is undefeated, and even the Bengals have hope. Well for a couple weeks at least.

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